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Nittany (1/2 bu)

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A variety with PA ties researched at PA's Land Grant institution, Penn State - and her College of Agriculture (or whatever it might be called now).  Can you spot a proud alumnus in the crowd (or five, in our family)?  This apple's parentage is Golden Delicious (discovered in West Virginia, leading to this apple's alter ego, 'Mountaineer' - yes, it's the same apple) and 'York' - discovered in, you guessed it, York, PA.  Regardless of name and origin, this is a very nice and versatile offering that will make nice snacks, pies, dumplings, sauce - you name it.  After all, it's the offspring of the two most planted varieties in the processing industry in the US.  Grab a crate - you'll be pleasantly surprised by all this great apple can do!

Producer: Three Springs Fruit Farm
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