Winter Buyers Club 2017

How to purchase with us while markets aren't in season


Winter Buyers Club


If you were a bird, you'd be caching nuts and seeds. You're not a bird, but you still like the comfort of stocking up on apples for the winter. You made horde our tasty apples in the following way:

(note - as Headhouse, Carlisle, and Silver Spring are now year round, only Greenbelt Buyers Club will continue in 2018)

  1. sign up for our Buyer's Club mailing list, joining the group "BC - city of your market here"
  2. open the email when it arrives, jot down the delivery time/location, purchase only the items you want from our online store
  3. pick up your order at the place and time designated!


It's as simple as that, folks!  If you're ever simply looking for your nearest market, check out the calendar!  Here's the plan for the 2018 season:


Greenbelt  (DC area)

Dates: 1/21, 2/18, 3/18, 4/15 - Every 3rd Sunday (4/16 is Easter, we've move it up a week)

Location:  Greenbelt Farmers Market lot (closest New Deal Cafe)

Time: 10:00 am

Other vendors for orders:  Two Oceans True Foods - sustainable seafood vendor and all-around nice guy Gaylord will take your orders, ask me for his email.